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Access Control | Flexible Physical Security

Flexible physical security to meet your ever-changing needs.

Concerned about employees accidentally leaving doors unlocked or ajar? Have keys been lost or not returned? Do you need to know when and where people are within your facility? Is it necessary to limit access to only authorized personnel in restricted areas? Secant offers access control solutions to help regulate the flow of traffic into and within your building, limit liability, and better protect people and organizational assets.

Our access control systems are state-of-the-art solutions that provide a flexible level of security to meet your ever-changing needs. Each system employs easy-to-use proximity technology, assigning unique credentials tracked throughout the system. Every use, or attempted use, logs to an event file that provides a comprehensive record of activity systemwide. The system allows easy integration of photo identification credentials, biometric identification devices, visitor management systems, intrusion detection, and video surveillance systems.

Not only do we implement these systems into commercial organizations but we’ve also designed and deployed solutions for educational facilities — both K-12 and higher ed. Our access control solutions can work together with mass notification systems, such as InformaCast, to ensure your people are safe inside while keeping unwanted guests out.


  • Scalable solutions that grow with your needs
  • Seamless integration with video surveillance
  • IP network-compatible system communication connects multiple sites for easy centralized control
  • Active Directory integration
  • Schedule access by door and time of day for improved physical security
  • Reduce dependence on keys or eliminate them altogether for reduced costs
  • Collect time and attendance data documenting employee access
  • Easy-to-use proximity technology, including hands-free operation
  • Lock-down features for educational and commercial facilities
  • Compatible with nearly 200 different card and reader formats

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