BusinessCloud Hosting


Secure and scalable cloud hosting built especially for business.

Typical cloud computing offerings are aimed at everyday applications like email, calendar and web hosting that can be mass configured for thousands of users.

BusinessCloud Advantages

Secant’s BusinessCloud is fundamentally different. Your organization is provided with a virtual data center providing the exact set of services you require.

BusinessCloud offers all the standard applications, like e-mail, calendar and web hosting, including the full complement of Microsoft applications. But more importantly we can also host the unique applications that are critical to your business operation, including vertical market applications and custom developed solutions.

Eliminate Capital Expense

Services hosted by BusinessCloud do not require expensive file servers, storage, backup systems or software licensing on-site. These upfront capital expenses are eliminated. You pay monthly for only the services you use.

Liberate Your Staff

Let us take care of the initial setup and the day-today operation of file servers, storage and backups, disaster recovery and even application support. Free up your staff to focus on supporting your business objectives.


Most organizations purchase servers to handle projected 3-4 year growth which means you may have idle capacity. With BusinessCloud, you can quickly add or delete users and only pay for what you really need.


Many organizations face regulations including SOX, GLBA, PCI, HIPAA, and others in order to ensure data security and privacy.

Secant invested in the critical infrastructure, tools, services and trained personnel required to achieve regulatory compliance. After completing rigorous third party audits, Secant’s Data Center is both HIPAA and SSAE 16 SOC I compliant. Our standards, policies, procedures and security controls are meticulously documented and audited to demonstrate and validate compliance.

Local Support

Secant Technologies is a Michigan-based company and our engineering staff is right here. You will not have to deal with language barriers and support staff working in different time zones.



Each hosted Windows-based server is protected by managed anti-malware and is secured behind an application-specific firewall.


Secant takes reliability seriously; generator power, redundant UPS, redundant cooling units, and multiple fiber Internet connections support our data centers. Data is backed up daily to an offsite facility. In addition, separate disaster recovery images are created for hosted servers and replicated between data centers.

Professionally Managed

Certified engineers monitor and manage the network and servers that comprise BusinessCloud 24x7. Our engineers will quickly resolve any issues to keep you up and running.

Access Anywhere

BusinessCloud can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer using either thin client software or VPN access.

Test Environments

Periodic patching and updating application can be risky if the process does not go well and a lengthy restore process is needed. BusinessCloud allows your active environment to be quickly duplicated where updates can be assessed without impacting production systems.

BusinessCloud Solutions

BusinessCloud supports a wide array of applications using Microsoft and open source solutions. We can configure custom hosting solutions using your existing software on our managed virtual servers.

Managed Virtual Servers
• Configured to your specifications with Windows 2008R2, 2012R2

E-mail and Calendar
• Microsoft Exchange 2010 or 2013 or SmarterMail
• Email Defender Anti-SPAM services
• Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware
• Optional e-mail archiving and encryption
• Collaboration Services with Skype for Business

Web Hosting
• Microsoft IIS with MS SQL services
• Apache with MySQL
• Wiki Server

Microsoft Applications
• SQL Server (up to 2014)
• Dynamics Accounting & CRM
• SharePoint

Hosted Desktop Sessions
• Managed Endpoint Security
• Microsoft Office 2010, 2013
• Microsoft Visual Studio
• Microsoft Visio

Remote Access
• Multi-site VPN
• Fully Encrypted RDP

Additional Services
• SecantSTOR Sync
• Hosted VoIP
• Managed Onsite Cloud Solutions

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