Data Center Design

Not only is the data center the heart of an organization’s infrastructure, it is also the most expensive real estate.  Important attributes of any good data center design or computer room design are high-availability, flexibility, and simplicity, and last but not least, cost effective.

Secant’s Data Center Design team works hard to stay ahead of industry trends, to vet new technologies, and to set the standard for 'always on' data centers.     The latest trends we see for our clients’ data centers are: centralization, consolidation, higher-bandwidth network connections, a reduced footprint through virtualization and blade servers, lower power requirements, and streamlined/automated remote maintenance. 

Priorities for IT are high availability, highly reliable cooling and electrical systems to eliminate single points of failure. With over 27 years of design/build and IT infrastructure experience, Secant has the fusion of IT expertise along with architecture/engineering and construction skills to translate these needs into a manageable reality.   Let us show you how to achieve an Always On Data Center.