Telephone Systems


Your computer is important, but most organizations live and die by their phone. Your phone is the way that you interact with most of your customers and co-workers and you depend on it. You can dial a number on your desk phone, transfer a call, conference someone in, and maybe listen to your voicemail.  When you want to find a phone number, you look it up in and type it into your desk phone. 

For many organizations, that’s not productive or cost effective. Human productivity and the cost of labor aren’t optimized. And, with a workforce that is increasingly mobile or virtual, this communications complexity and inefficiency make it almost impossible to keep up with the pace of doing business. 

That’s where a Cisco Unified Communication solution from Secant comes in. Unified Communications is the latest in business telephony technology which links together all your communication resources.  By incorporating communications solutions into our portfolio of products and services, Secant can provide our clients with a “one-stop shopping” source for all their business communications, security, and connectivity needs.

Whether you need to be “in the know,” have “room to grow,” or need to be “on the go,” Cisco has a phone to fit your needs! Combined with an advanced Cisco router, Secant can provide complete all-in-one solution for routing, security, wireless LAN, call processing, auto attendant and voice mail using Cisco Communication Manager Express, Cisco Unity Express, Cisco Integrated Services Routers and phones. No more need for a space eating PBX unit!