Audio Visual Control Systems

Courtesy of Jeff Garland Photography

Situation Normal?

You’ve dragged a wobbly, spaghetti-wired cart with random A/V equipment into the room and connected what you think are all the right wires and plugs. Now you stand in front of a full room, mildly uncomfortable with your technology, and your audience is looking restless. But you still haven’t tested your presentation materials, so you fire up the computer with your fingers crossed and hope for the best.

This does not need to be situation normal! There are no longer any technical obstacles to achieving full integration of audio video technology into the fabric of everyday communications.

Based on our experience, Secant knows that a fully integrated audio visual system should be easy to operate and user friendly.  We can custom design a solution that controls all of the display, sound, control, and even lighting systems. We’ll work closely with you to understand the needs and constraints of your end-users and how to design controls appropriate for their applications and requirements.

Secant has partnered with industry leaders in A/V control systems such as Extron, Creston and Hall Research. We can recommend the solution that is right for you organization, from the high-tech board room to wireless connected meeting rooms. Our education clients who implement the Extron Pole Vault system, available at REMC pricing from Secant, can also apply for USF funding for this eligible product.

The best way to see the “new” normal of a fully integrated A/V solution is to take a “test drive”.  Just let us know when.