Offsite Backup


The operation and very survival of your business is dependent on computerized systems and the data stored on these systems. Imagine the impact should a failure render one critical file unreadable or worse, an entire server’s data.

Because of this you have implemented data backup procedures to safe guard your data. But studies show that 80% of organizations have inadequate backups. Typically these organizations do not even realize they are at such great risk.

SecantSTOR is a family of managed backup services that provide cost effective solutions for the backup of critical data. Your existing Internet connection is used to efficiently backup data to two off-site data repositories. All data, during transfer and storage, is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption for your safety and privacy. All SecantSTOR services are managed and monitored by Secant Technologies Managed Service Engineers.

SecantSTOR services can be used to supplement your current backup process to increase reliability and to add off-site redundancy, or it may replace your current processes and remove the burden of maintaining daily in-house backups. 

SecantSTOR Server Edition

Server Edition performs daily backups on all or part of designated file or application servers. Your data is replicated to two data vaults over 50 miles apart. This offers superior protection should a natural disaster impact one of the data vault sites. SecantSTOR Server Edition can be configured to retain up to one year of daily backups, including an annual data archive, allowing you to retrieve the most recent version of a file or any of the older versions. Should a backup fail to complete for any reason, monitoring will proactively alert you and Secant’s Service Desk engineers will work to make sure the issue is resolved and the next backup runs without incident.

SecantSTOR DR Edition

The Disaster Recovery version of SecantSTOR continuously replicates an entire server, including its operating system, applications and data to Secant’s Data Center. Should a disaster render you server unavailable, Secant can start up a replacement version of your server that can be accessed remotely, or physically by moving staff to our hot site. Because of continuous replication, the replacement server will have data that is current to within 1 to 5 minutes of the  original server’s failure.