Managed Virtual Server


Your data is critical to your organization, but where do your servers and your data reside? Are they in a data center protected by generator, N+1 UPS and redundant air conditioning? Are they monitored 24 x 7 with access control, surveillance cameras, and temperature sensors? Is your data backed up and replicated to a remote site nightly? Can you have a new server and all software ready in eight hours with a phone call? Can you change your licenses for Windows, Exchange and MS SQL, up or down, as your needs change?

In the past only the largest companies could answer yes to all these questions. It was too costly to build and manage a true data center in a small or medium sized organization. Secant’s Data Center now provides the benefits of these best practice tools to the rest of us.

With a Managed Virtual Server, you can answer YES to all of the above! Host your applications, custom web services, complex database environments, dedicated Exchange server, terminal server, or other servers in our data center. Keep it secured with our integrated managed firewall and SecantSTOR backup services. Run virtually anything you need in our secure, redundant, hosted environment. Never worry again about operating system patching or backups.