Disaster Recovery


Disaster Recovery – Not Just Planning For The Worst! 

Disasters come in many forms and have many consequences…loss of data, downtime while rebuilding your network, and lost revenue. Whether it’s a blackout, tornado, flood, fire, or other emergency, is your organization prepared to survive a disaster?

  • What types of disasters could your organization face?
  • How would these affect your critical IT infrastructure, applications and data?
  • How quickly do you need each of your services back up and running?
  • Based on your current disaster recovery plan, how quickly could you be up and running?

There’s no predicting when a disaster will strike, so disaster recovery planning is critical to the longevity of your organization.  You know you should be doing it, but maybe you don’t know where to start. 

Your data is critical to your organization, but where do your servers and your data reside? Is your data backed up and replicated to a remote site nightly? Can you have a new server and all software ready in just a few hours with a phone call? 

Secant offers a comprehensive suite of continuity solutions to ensure uninterrupted performance of mission-critical systems in the event of a disaster.  We can provide offsite backup, nightly or continuous replication as well as geo-redundant copies to our remote data center 50 miles away in Grand Rapids. We can also provide data replication of servers to high performance storage and have cloud capacity held in reserve to run replicated servers on demand.

Should your primary business location become unavailable, we offer a work site recovery suite complete with everything you need, from thin clients, desks and power to phones and connectivity, to house your critical staff. In addition, these facilities can be used annually to test your disaster recovery plan and provide validation to key stakeholders.

Secant can help you prepare for the unforeseen by implementing a comprehensive disaster recovery solution that helps you plan for, respond to and recover from disruptive events.