Technology Design


Designing and implementing the right technology can be a complex, difficult and frustrating process. Whether it is a technology deployment or upgrade, an office move or new construction, technology projects often require time and expertise that many organizations simply do not have.  Utilizing the advice and guidance of a team of experts who are specialists in their field is a sensible, efficient and cost effective option.

Secant’s Technology Design Team can help you design and implement technology that will not only address your current demands but provide stable and agile architecture for future growth.  And bring your project in on task, on time and on budget.

Technology Design Services

Secant’s team of industry-certified engineers and senior consultants have years of experience designing best practice-based technology solutions that leverage our methodology and the knowledge we have gained in our engagements with clients across many vertical markets.  Our Project Team will work closely with your staff to design, price, and manage your technology project to ensure that your requirements are not only met but exceeded. 

Bid Process Management

Secant has significant experience in bidding public projects. We can help manage the bidding of technology projects. Starting with the creation of specification documents, CAD drawings, vendor contracts and bid advertisements, to conducting vendor walk-throughs, issuing addenda, evaluating vendor responses and finally, preparing board recommendations.

Technology Project Management

Once your technology project has been designed, put out for bid, and awarded to a vendor, the work of Project Management starts. Secant’s project management team brings the knowledge necessary to confirm that the contractors have installed the technology systems properly and completely. Our real world experience installing and supporting technology systems for hundreds of organizations makes us uniquely qualified to perform these tasks.

Integrating Technology

Secant works as a member of your Architectural Design and Construction Management team so that the design and management of technology is a seamless part of the overall process. This ensures that technology is at the table and involved in, all phases of project management — from budgeting through bidding and construction to the final punch list.

Pre-Bond Services

Secant can assist in the preparation of a bond application by reviewing technology plans and budgets to ensure the technology portion of the project is feasible and that the budgets will support the owner’s intent. Highly interdependent projects, such as electrical and HVAC, are also evaluated relative to the technology projects. This includes inspecting buildings to become familiar with existing technology and preparing building/project specific cost estimates.