Business Internet Connectivity


The “Pipes” Of Your Network 

The thirst for data and the need for 24/7 availability drives the demand for an always-on internet connection with more speed and bandwidth.  By integrating innovative technology into everything we offer, we’ve essentially created a different Internet – one that’s more flexible, reliable and better performing. Our customers tell us they appreciate that our SecantNet Business Internet Connectivity solutions aren’t just an add-on service, but instead, an integral part of what we do.

When you need an Internet connection, you want the provisioning process to go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, that's not always the way it works. Installation delays, cost overruns and bandwidth limitations are common, especially when dealing with more than one vendor.

But with Secant as your go-to partner for all your network needs, you can count on our experts to get you connected and without all the hassle. We can give you a single point of accountability and the convenience of “one stop” support and personal attention from engineers who understand your whole network

At the core of Secant’s Data Center is our business class ISP built using Cisco Systems equipment. With SecantNET, you are connected over redundant fiber links, one aerial and one underground, to eight top-tier bandwidth providers. Working with our partners, we can mix and match connections to best fit your needs including: bonded T1 circuits, business class DSL, cable modem connections, wireless data and high-speed fiber optic connections. We monitor circuits 24x7 and have certified engineers on call if trouble appears. We offer detailed reporting on your bandwidth with graphing and NetFlow data.

Whether it’s downloading large files in an instant, connecting multiple offices seamlessly or running cloud-based applications more efficiently, Secant fits your critical connectivity needs with just the right pipe.