SPAM Filtering


Liberate Your Inbox 

Today, spam is more profitable than ever, causing email-based attacks to become much more frequent, sophisticated, and dangerous. 93% of all email is junk email which clogs your inboxes and reduces your employees’ productivity.  Bottom line Spam costs time and money.

Secant Email Defender captures 99% of the junk email before it ever gets to your mail server. Viruses, phishing scams and other email threats are stopped cold before they ever enter your network.  Because we filter incoming mail and only forward good messages to your internal mail server, we can also reduce the Internet bandwidth used by email up to 90%.

Stop worrying about the risks and cost of spam with this robust spam filtering service.

  • Rapids deployment, low initial investment and a predictable low monthly fee
  • Elimination of junk email improves your internet connection
  • Questionable email is tagged for individual user review
  • Mail queuing stores mail for later delivery if your email server is off line for any reason
  • Mail directed to undeliverable addresses is eliminated
  • Virus signatures are updated regularly hourly
  • Secant’s experienced network engineers are available to help monitor and manage your company and user profiles