Email Encryption


With an increase in regulatory pressures, identity theft and highly publicized security breaches in the media, the need to protect sensitive data has become mission critical.  And the volume of sensitive content stored within and delivered through email grows exponentially every day. Why risk regulatory fines, lawsuits, negative PR and a loss of company intellectual property by sending unprotected email?

With ECrypt, you can ensure privacy and meet regulatory compliance with this unique password protected encryption solution. Because ECrypt is a managed service, there is no investment in infrastructure or software licensing making this a cost-effective solution for even small businesses. 

ECrypt provides a seamless end user experience allowing email to be encrypted manually, by creating criteria on-the-fly, or based on keywords or content within the email or attachment. Mobile users reap the benefits of offline viewing and support for all popular smart phone platforms.  A secure reply capability is integrated into all encrypted messages enabling recipients to send an encrypted response without any encryption infrastructure on their end. 

Powered by the Sophos SPX Email Security Appliance, ECrypt secures your sensitive email content and helps fast track compliance.