Network Monitoring


Let’s face it, technology always seems to fail at the worst possible time, doesn’t it? If your server or internet connection goes down after-hours, when do you find out about it? Even a small problem with any one part of your network can bring your organization to a virtual halt. Reliability, high availability, and uptime are no longer a luxury for today’s networks, but a requirement. 

Fighting fires after something goes wrong is time consuming and costly. The first step in proactively managing a network is continuous monitoring of critical devices and performance areas.

Secant’s remote monitoring service NetStats will keep your network healthy and allow for the best utilization of assets while helping to prevent catastrophic events.

Status/Performance Monitoring

Many network failures give telltale signs of problems long before they occur.  Secant’s state-of-the-art monitoring tools enable us to not only spot problems but also trends before they turn into problems. Because our certified engineers are in a much better position to implement a remediation strategy, diagnosis is quick. Response time is now measured in minutes rather than hours or days!

Proactive Response

NetStats offers a truly proactive toolset to assist you in managing your network by keeping a constant eye on selected devices and sending alerts/alarms when a problem is first indicated. In the event that a critical network function goes down, an Alarm notification is sent to you and Secant who will contact you about the problem and next steps. Alerts will provide notification of an up/down status or deviation from established thresholds for non-critical network functions. 

NetStats Portal

Imagine driving a car without a dashboard which allows a driver to monitor and control the car, avoiding unpleasant and sometimes costly predicaments.  Now image your IT environment with a dashboard where you could monitor and measure performance as well as key network characteristics.  The NetStats Portal provides private, easy access to performance trends, graphics and data about your critical network functions.

Go from reactive to proactive with Netstats!