Video Conferencing


Once, video conferencing was only a staple of old sci-fi movies, or was found only in high-tech office buildings.  Now, we all see real value in “being in the room” with those we are conversing with, whether for business or letting the kids say hello to their grandparents. 

However, traditional videoconferencing isn’t quite like being there.  Quality is shaky, video and audio can be spotty, which is fine for a chat with grandma but not ideal for business applications.  HD video conferencing offers another option…one that is readily available and more accessible than ever. With HD displays and IP networks, high quality video conferencing is no longer the dominion of just the Fortune 1000.

Every organization needs to communicate every day and immediately.  Video conferencing connects people – on-demand, anywhere, at any time. Team members can stay connected with colleagues and customers, collaborate productively one-on-one or with large groups, and still get “face time” without traveling. 

With skyrocketing travel costs, conducting a video conference makes more sense than ever.  When time is measured in miles and time in days, hours, and minutes, video conferencing has established a new standard.  Time is immediate and distance is immaterial. 

But you expect technology to work – every time.  Pick up a phone anywhere in the world, dial and connect instantly without a thought to the technical feats behind it.  No thought about scheduling the call, or the amount of network traffic.  You want to communicate when the time is right for you. So, can video conferencing really be that simple?  The answer is yes.

Let Secant show you how Video Conferencing can transform your workplace into a collaborative, visual and interactive environment.