Unified Physical Infrastructure


Approximately 60-70% of data center projects involve consolidations, rather than new builds.  Common catalysts for consolidations are mergers, acquisitions, cost reductions and performance improvement.  Consolidation is also a key component of simplification in the data center and has changed the way we need to think about physical infrastructure.

Changing from an unrelated set of siloed systems to a unified, integrated solution provides the opportunity to address technology challenges to enable greater reliability, agility and flexibility all while reducing costs. 

As a Silver Authorized Partner, Secant has embraced Panduit’s innovations in Unified Physical Infrastructure (UPI) and incorporates them into our Data Center Design. Panduit UPI solutions are designed to help customer manage risk and change within the physical infrastructure. These solutions intelligently map physical network systems onto logical infrastructure architectures, leveraging real-time information to increase safety and security in the workplace, manage systems more effectively, minimize disruptions and maximize performance.