Firewall and Network Security


The rules have changed. We use technology for everything . . . We email important documents around the office, we allow our customers to self-service their accounts, we allow employees to access confidential documents from their PDAs halfway around the world.  While all these capabilities are making us more competitive and more productive, they also expose your network to greater security risks than ever before.

Everyone wants a secure IT environment but what does "secure" really mean? "Security" is a very broad term that must be addressed at both the hardware and software levels as well as through policies and procedures.

The cornerstone of every company's network security architecture is an optimally designed firewall which serves as the primary control mechanism between internal assets and the Internet.  Organizations looking for more complete security may need a threat control solution such as Network Admission Control or Intrusion Prevention System from Cisco.  As your security partner, Secant will educate you on typical security risks and how to mitigate your exposure.  We’ll work with you to implement the right solution as well as best practice security policies to protect and defend your network.