Access Control


Concerned about employees accidentally leaving doors unlocked or ajar? Have keys been lost or not returned? Is your business of a sensitive nature where you need to know when and where people are within your facility? Is it necessary to limit access to only authorized personnel in restricted areas?

Secant understands the gravity of these concerns. We now offer access control solutions to help regulate the flow of traffic into and within your building, limit liability and better protect employees, company property and assets. These are innovative, affordable alternatives that deliver a rapid and appropriate response to crimes or emergencies when they occur.

An access control system is a state-of-the-art electronic security measure that provides a flexible level of security to meet your ever-changing needs. The system employs easy-to-use proximity technology. Employees are assigned a unique credential which is tracked throughout the system. Every use, or attempted use, logs to an event file that provides a comprehensive record of activity system wide. Data gathered in this fashion is admissible in court. The system allows easy integration of photo identification credentials, biometric identification devices, visitor management systems, intrusion detection and video surveillance systems.

Join the growing number of organizations that are taking control of their facilities by implementing access control systems as part of their overall physical security plan.