Video Surveillance


The term surveillance might conjure up images seen in James Bond movies, but surveillance is not just for spies.  Surveillance is security, and we are all monitored more than we probably imagine. While making a deposit at our bank or topping off our tank at a convenience store, we're likely to be on camera.

In these times of heightened security, organizations want to shore up the safety and protection of their employees, customers, property and assets. Organizations today seek innovative, affordable solutions to risks from personal liability, inventory shrinkage, customer theft that deliver a rapid and appropriate response to crimes or emergencies when they occur.

Secant Technologies now implements IP-based video surveillance solutions to help you better deter theft, defeat fraudulent liability claims and document events in order to protect your business.

An IP video surveillance system is a state-of-the-art detection tool leveraging a company’s existing data network and the Internet to transmit video images. These systems capture high-resolution video streams and store them in a server or appropriate video workstation. IP surveillance systems provide video motion detection, time/date stamp, encryption to satisfy chain-of-custody requirements, alarm messaging and remote viewing of live and recorded video through private or public networks. Receive timely notification of events taking place, then log onto the system and monitor events as they occur — around the corner or around the world.