Disaster Recovery


Disasters come in all shapes and sizes.  Your data is a valuable commodity and the need to protect it is no longer in question. While backing up your data is an important part of disaster recovery, there is much more to DR than simply having a copy of your data.  Protection of your data and the systems that deliver that data to you is crucial.

However, traditional data protection strategies focus on just the data and not the application and critical network services. High availability is the cornerstone for most business continuity plans because having the capability to continue critical functions is essential.

Virtualization and real-time data replication and failover are just a few of the many tools available for protecting critical data and systems. Simply put, virtualization is the corner stone of an effective disaster recovery plan.

Secant engineers will work to assess how downtime could impact your organization, determine recovery time and recover point objectives and how to minimize risk in the event of a disaster.  With advanced technologies from VMware and Veeam, Secant can design cost effective solution that will allow total restoration of a server, its applications and data should a major disaster occur.