Advanced Virtualization Services


To gain the full benefit of virtualization technology, all of the advanced capabilities should be implemented. Sadly, many organizations stop once their servers are virtualized and miss many additional benefits. Secant will see your virtualization project through to completion so that all features are put to work.

Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS)

DRS dynamically relocates running servers to balance processing and I/O loads across all of your server hardware. This results in more responsive applications.

High Availability (HA)

HA technology monitors the health of each virtual server. If a server stops responding, it is automatically restarted on new hardware so that services are restored in minutes.

Fault Tolerance (FT)

 FT is intended for mission critical servers where downtime is not acceptable. Each FT server is actually a pair of mirrored virtual servers, each performing the same work. If a hardware problem stops one server, the other will continue to operate with no downtime.

Thin Application Deployment

Thin application deployment brings the advantages of server virtualization to individual applications running on the desktop. It allows any version of any application to run on any single operating system without conflicts.

Jump Start

Organizations with their own internal IT staff may benefit from our Jump Start services that provide rapid knowledge transfer to your staff while getting your implementation started.