Technology Assessment


If you don’t know where you are, how do you know where you’re going…  

Technology has become an integral part of your organization’s facilities. Many systems are dependent on the data network including energy management, lighting control, HVAC, telephone, paging, bells, access control, security cameras and electronic signage. Whether you are considering a technology update, relocation, remodel or new construction, the list of considerations for technology is vast. It’s easy to miss important things, not the least of which is the impact on your budget!

A comprehensive Technology Assessment conducted by Secant consultants will provide an in depth analysis of your existing systems which is the first step in identifying needs and planning for new projects. After all, what you don’t know about your technology, you can’t address. 

Our consultants will analyze every aspect of your infrastructure, identifying gaps, risks and opportunities for improvement, from performance, utilization, capacity planning, consolidation, security, compliance, to overall efficiencies. We factor in technology, people, processes, policies and procedures.

As IT infrastructure specialists, Secant understands current and emerging technologies and how they impact your environment – from the desktop to the data center. We will deliver recommendations to improve your IT capabilities while taking into consideration construction requirements, and provide the all-important technology project budget.

Let Secant help you make informed decisions to get your IT initiatives headed in the right direction.