Content Filtering


Do you know what your users are doing on the Internet?  Are they wasting time surfing, viewing inappropriate sites, or connecting to sites that could be a threat to your network?

Regulations, policies, safety, and security all make an Internet filter essential for your organization.  But over-blocking limits the potential for users to leverage the Internet as a powerful tool.  Web access management needs to do more than filter inappropriate content–it needs to balance web usage with network security and acceptable use policies.

Secant Managed Content Filtering allows organizations of any size to implement a customizable, innovative solution for web access and Internet filtering at an affordable per user price. 

Granular policy control, safe Web 2.0 access, and mobile filtering ensure that inappropriate sites are no longer a click away, but that valuable content remains available to users.  Detailed reporting gives you comprehensive information about who is viewing what so you can adjust policies as needed.


  • Comprehensive and accurate URL database with more than one billion entries grouped into specific categories
  • Multiple layers of anonymous proxy detection and blocking to keep users from bypassing your filter and accessing blocked sites
  • Mobile filtering and protection for computers outside the network—without a VPN, from any location, with any type of Internet connection
  • Ability to create different policies based on user, IP, group, organizational unit, domain, tasks, or time periods
  • Lockouts based defined abuse thresholds
  • Peer-to-peer application and file-type blocking
  • Daily signature updates and immediate emergency updates
  • High performance even in the heaviest traffic loads up to 1 Gb of Internet bandwidth
  • Customizable block pages to adjust accessible images, content, and links

Protect your users from inappropriate material on the internet, keep searches safe, and provide safe Web 2.0 access with Secant Managed Content Filtering.