Internet Aggregation


Today’s successful organizations thrive on collaboration and effective communications, so an always-on connection to your network is essential.  It’s the heart of what keeps your business humming at a demanding pace. 

So who couldn’t use more bandwidth?  Many corporations, small businesses and home workers are outgrowing the capability of their existing connections and risk losing all connectivity if their provider has an outage. Many upgrade options to increase speed and reliability are expensive.

SecantNET Internet Aggregation Service offers an alternative approach to provide flexible, reliable and cost effective high-speed connectivity. Multiple low-cost internet connections are pooled to function as a single, more reliable Internet connection with faster bi-directional connectivity and increased up-time.

Because the aggregated connections combine different connection types from different providers, it is unlikely that all connections will be unavailable at the same time. A faster, more resilient connection enables you to deploy new applications such as real VoIP, off-site data backup, video conferencing and hosted applications.

So how does it work?

SecantNET Internet Aggregation Service routers are installed (one per line) and collaborate to pool their capacity. All traffic is related to an aggregation server which re-combines the traffic and sends to the Internet.

SecantNET Internet Aggregation Service routers at the customer’s office are connected via Ethernet and divide traffic among the various lines. Devices on a customer’s LAN use a SecantNET Internet Aggregation Service Virtual Router Address (VRA) as the default gateway and DNS. Should one router fail, one of the other routers will quickly take over to ensure existing sessions remain unaffected, except for a period of 5 seconds while the service is recalibrated.