Email Archiving


Sending email has become the primary means of communication both inside and outside of your organization.  Email contains nearly 75% of the information we use on a daily basis for everything from negotiating contracts, sending invoices or payment information, to reporting data to governing authorities. In fact, email may be the only record of important transactions or communications and it’s scattered across different users’ computers with email piling up in their inboxes!

No organization is immune to the growing requirements of governmental e-discovery and regulatory requirements to keep electronic data secured for a certain number of years.  Since email and email attachments are a major part of electronic data in any organization, substantial resources and efforts are required to produce email for litigation, compliance or internal requirements.

Can you afford the time, effort or cost associated with searching for email, with no guarantee that you’d locate what you need? 

SecantNET Email Archiving Service is a cost-effective managed service which provides secure, unalterable email archiving, easy search and retrieval of messages and attachments, and flexible reporting for to assist in preparing for legal investigations.


  • Comprehensive capturing and indexing of message attachments as well as full message details
  • Time-stamped and unalterable file integrity of the archived data
  • Archival of all email and attachments (including documents, programs, and multimedia files)
  • Search and retrieve unalterable emails by sender, receiver, date, subject, and more.
  • Flexible configuration of data redundancy rules of archived email (backup servers)
  • Full journaling of internal email processed by mail-server journaling agents
  • Optional keyword monitoring, indexing, and reporting
  • Dual indexing for ‘Current Messages’ and ‘Archive Messages’ for faster search processing using Microsoft SQL
  • Full retrieval and flexible forwarding of archived messages and attachments
  • Single-instance archiving of message attachments (no duplicated attachment files)
  • Indexing and archive capacity limited only by available disk storage

Protect your valuable email communications and reduce your risk from regulatory compliance penalties and litigation with SecantNET Email Archiving Service.