Data Protection Services


Businesses need to maximize productivity, lower costs and decrease risks every day. In this age of information, this means you need your servers, desktops and applications up and running, all the time. It’s a given that you will take a productivity hit whether from a stolen laptop, a failed email server or an accidently deleted file or folder. Some incidences are minor and some are major, but one thing is consistent: all of these occurrences negatively affect employees, customers and the bottom line.

Your data is critical to your organization.  Effective backups have become a mantra in this age of digital storage and e-Discovery.   But according to a recent survey conducted by IDC the average small to midsize U.S. business has a collection of four or more data protection technologies in place to help reduce downtime and increase uptime.  And still more than 60% report having data recovery issues.  

Not having a smooth and well tested data protection system defeats the purpose of having backups in the first place. After all, what’s the point of having backups if you can’t retrieve your data properly?

Now there is a way to recover quickly from any data loss or server outage with a single solution from single vendor with Secant’s Data Protection Service. Delivered as a fully managed service for a low monthly fee, this reliable backup and business continuity solution replaces the need for you to own, maintain and operate a backup system yourself.

Designed for small and medium business customers, Data Protection Service ensures true business continuity every day to protect your data in the event of loss or corruption. With just a simple click, you can restore lost data in minutes, not days, weeks or even months like other solutions.

With two levels of Data Protection Service, a solution can be tailored to your specific storage and uptime requirements. 

Protect offers customized backup and data recovery functions.

  • Fully managed, local backup appliance built on HP hardware for fast, dependable backup and restore
  • Redundant offsite replication to the Cloud, stored at an SAS 70 II certified data center
  • Support for all types of servers (Windows, Novell, Linux/Unix, Apple OS) with an option to include individual workstations and laptops
  • Easy, browser access to management console
  • HIPPA & Sarbanes-Oxley Compliant

Fortify offers business continuity functions, in addition to Protect features.

  • Local appliance functions as a “virtualization platform” on which a Windows server image can be brought online and fully functional within 20 minutes
  • Fail over to the local appliance in the event of a protected Windows server failure (physical or virtual)

If you’re not positive that you’ll be able to access all of your data if disaster should strike, let us show you how Secant Data Protection Service can ensure the safety of your most important asset—your data.