SMART Certified Trainer


New technologies shouldn’t be overwhelming, but it can be a challenge learning how to leverage your investments and harness their full potential.  After all, what good is having the latest and greatest if you don’t know how to use it effectively? 

Above and beyond the mechanics of using technology, Secant understands that new technologies should have both a positive operational and cultural impact within your organization. We believe that technology training should encompass not only the ‘how to’ but more importantly, the ‘why to’ utilize technology. 

As a Michigan-based company, Secant recognized the unique challenges facing Michigan businesses and schools.  We can develop a customized training curriculum tailored to meet your goals and ensure that you get the most out of your SMART Interactive Whiteboards and Collaboration Tools investments.  

Our SMART Certified Trainer is a professional educator who has invested the time to learn how to deliver a high-quality training session and is authorized to deliver carefully designed training programs that have been tested in hundreds of sessions by SMART’s Training Services department.  In addition, we have developed a unique training curriculum which integrates third-party curriculums to enhance your learning experience.

Learning how to utilize a new technology should be enjoyable, engaging and interactive.  Our Certified Trainer will make sure of that…we promise!

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