File Synchronization


Do you ever have to email yourself a file just to access it from another of your mobile devices?  Do you have files which are too large to send via email? Do you need to collaborate on documents and track revisions?  Are you concerned that sensitive documents that require regulatory compliance or non-disclosure security are already on public Dropbox-like services?  Would you like to regain IT control over documents that are leaking outside your network?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then we have an answer for you!  SecantSTOR Sync brings you the convenience of cloud storage with file synchronization without sacrificing security or IT control.  With Sync, you can access files from anywhere, from any device, even when you are offline!


No more emailing files to yourself to access data from a different device.  With SecantSTOR Sync, you can access files from all of your devices including iPhones, iPads, Android tablets and smartphones, Windows and Apple Laptops and Desktops, even if you are not connected to the Internet.  There’s no need to re-save offline revisions or copy to a separate “sync” folder, so your file and directory structure remains intact. You can also securely share files with others that are too large to send via email.


Built for business, SecantSTOR Sync utilizes 448-bit Blowfish encryption for files in transit as well as “at rest” on our private-cloud servers.   Sync accounts are integrated with your Active Directory so your password security is enforced.  Synchronized data can be remotely wiped from mobile devices in the event of a security violation or departing employee.


Teams or your entire workforce can easily and securely work together whether from home, on the road, or at another facility. A group share provides access for team members to collaborate and access the same set of files from anywhere and from multiple devices. With collision detection and file revision history, team members are ensured of having the latest version of files, as well as previous revisions. 

IT Control

SecantSTOR Sync puts synced files back in the control of your IT administrator ensuring adherence to your company security policies. Your Sync administrator can control storage usage/quotas, managed the type of file which can be synced, review log in activity, see which devices have been connected, manage team shares and even view the directory and file structure of synced folders.