Reactive Support

DP_1_Reactive Support

When IT fails, the entire office can grind to a halt. How many times have you seen a group of employees flocked around someone’s desk trying to solve a problem? Or worse, just standing around because the network is down. Whether you have your own IT department or just the by-default go-to IT guy, there are times that you need expert assistance now!

Secant Service Desk is your front line of defense when urgent issues, emergencies, simple or not so simple problems arise. With a state of the art service delivery model and staffed by certified engineers whose only job is to take your support request and solve the issue, our resolution rate is unparalleled. 

When possible, our engineers will address your IT concerns using a secure remote connection which allows us to control your desktop or server and walk through a solution immediately.  This allows us to correct problems in the most timely, efficient manner possible and translates into cost and productivity savings for you.  If an issue cannot be resolved remotely, we’ll dispatch a field engineer to your location as soon as possible. 

Whether your request is submitted by phone, email or via our Service Desk portal, Secant leverages our technology and methodology to expedite and provide timely updates on your request.  We’ll treat your problems as seriously as you do.