IT Resourcing


So many tasks, so little time... sound familiar?

The word “Outsourcing” can send shivers up most people’s spine. And while IT outsourcing is growing in popularity as a new trend, it’s something Secant has been providing for over 10 years. We made the scary word of “outsourcing” a winning solution for our clients.

The complex nature of IT means that many organizations may not have all of the necessary skills to support their network often forcing staff to juggle their own roles with that of IT expert-by-default.  And some IT organizations experience staff shortages due to high workload, project implementations or extended absences.  

Secant engineers have a wide ranges of skills and certifications and we can provide the correct expertise in all areas when you need it…either for extended periods to function as a member of your organization, or for regularly-scheduled periodic visits.

For organizations with little or no internal IT support, our NetPro program provides proactive support during regularly scheduled on-site or “virtual” visits. A dedicated engineer will perform regularly scheduled tasks to ensure your network is kept running full bore.

Whether you need to outsource your IT or have a great in-house IT department that could sometimes use additional resource or specific expertise, we have the services to fit your needs and your budget.