Document Management


In today’s office, documents come in many forms such as email, contracts, invoices, technical drawings, and hand written notes, just to name a few.  They are constantly being created, modified and most importantly shared.  These documents are tucked away in file cabinets, binders, desk drawers and various users’ in-boxes. 

Every day, organizations play hide and seek for the right information to answer a client’s questions, verify a vendor’s delivery, generate an accurate invoice or correctly pay a bill.  Factor in the complexity of various people within an organization or in multiple locations scouring the filing cabinets trying to find the same information and this adds up to countless wasted hours or even days. 

A Document Management system can be used to capture and organize all of these documents into easy-to-find electronic documents.  Paper documents can be scanned in and electronic records can be stored or pointed to another system.  Document management has the power to tie all of these together.

By creating a secure and legally compliant central document pool, Document Management provides:

  • Worldwide inter-departmental access to all documents with one click
  • Simple integration in third-party applications
  • Increased productivity and streamlined business processes
  • Boosts in employee satisfaction by eliminating wasteful searches
  • Tamper-free archiving
  • Free up storage space

With a Document Management solution from Secant, gone are the days of lost documents and lost hours wasted on fruitless document searches.  Let us help you find what you need, when you need it, every time.