DR Backup


Planning for a disaster is a critical to ensuring that your business can continue to operate efficient should disaster strike.  

SecantSTOR DR Edition (Powered by Veeam) is the Disaster Recovery version of our family of SecantSTOR managed backup services that provide a cost effective solutions for the backup of your critical data.

SecantSTOR DR Edition utilizes Veeam Cloud Connect to enable off-site, image-level backups of your servers to Secant’s Data Center. Should a disaster render your servers unavailable, Secant can start up a replacement version of your servers that can be accessed remotely, or physically by moving staff to our business continuity suite.

SecantSTOR DR Edition can also provide geo-redundant off-site backups of your servers for that extra level of security, redundancy, and availability.

 Veeam Cloud Provider Diagram.JPG 


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