Email Archiving


Secure, compliant archiving with easy search and retrieval.

If you think email backup has you covered, think again. Email backup is not email archival. Deleted emails don’t always get backed up whereas all archived emails can easily be searched for and retrieved.

We use email for everything from contract negotiations and sending invoices to reporting data to governing authorities. Email is often the only record of important communications. If a member of your organization deletes a critical email thread, do you have the ability to retrieve and reverse this mishap?

How often have you heard a colleague say “I get too many emails!” How often have you muttered those words yourself? Email can be scattered across different users’ devices, piling up in your organization’s inboxes.

Email archiving is a cost-effective managed service which provides secure, compliant journaling. Its easy search-and-retrieve tool makes combing through messages and attachments quick and easy. It also provides flexible reporting options to assist in preparing for audits and investigations.


  • Comprehensive capturing and indexing of message attachments as well as full message details
  • Time-stamped and unalterable file integrity of the archived data
  • Archival of all email and attachments (including documents, programs, and multimedia files)
  • Search and retrieve emails by sender, receiver, date, subject, and more
  • Flexible configuration of data redundancy rules of archived email (backup servers)
  • Full journaling of mail-server, including Microsoft Office 365
  • Optional keyword monitoring, indexing, and reporting

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