Improving communication between CMHs, jails and courts.

Interceptor is a secure, web-based application used to inform community mental health (CMH) organizations when its consumers are incarcerated or have court dates. Through Interceptor, care providers can arrange for a consumer’s medication to be made available so treatments remain on schedule. Notifications shared with CMHs and correctional facilities can also be added to the consumer’s clinical records. By improving communications between CMH providers, jails and courts, the consumer and the community are safer as a whole.

Efficiency and Security

By organizing consumers’ information with search and sort capabilities, the time to identify consumers in the jail system is significantly reduced. CMH staff are only exposed to pertinent names so confidentiality is maintained.

Community Impact

By leveraging Interceptor, CMH providers and correctional officers can ensure a consumer’s well-being is given priority. Increased consumer care and efficient administrative processes reduce the load on the community’s correctional system. Notifications of upcoming court dates save the community time and money by reducing failure to appear occurrences.


Interceptor provides a variety of benefits to CMHs, ranging from the safety of their consumers to running administration processes more efficiently.

  • Notification of consumers in jail and upcoming court dates
  • Improved communication with care providers
  • Increased time efficiencies in administrative processes
  • Reduced load on court systems
  • Notifications can be added to clinical records
  • Data availability for development of grants and service planning
  • Other counties can be served by the system, including notifications and composite information sharing at the state level

SOC and HIPAA Compliant

Secant’s Interceptor application has allowed the Kalamazoo Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (KCMHSAS) system to swiftly and efficiently identify those that we serve who are incarcerated in the Kalamazoo County Jail and who have upcoming District Court appearances.

This information allows for early identification of our consumers and rapid clinical care coordination between behavioral health and the criminal justice system for our consumers. Additionally, it is a major timesaver for clinicians as they are not having to gather this data manually.

The utilization of Interceptor has demonstrated that KCMHSAS leads the state in its effort to coordinate care both while individuals are in the jail and when they are in the community.

Bob Butkiewicz

Supervisor of Programs - Corrections, KCMHSAS

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