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Digital security evaluations unique to your organization.

If you’re like many business leaders, you keep hearing about security risks and wondering: Does this apply to me? What’s my risk? What can and should I do about it?

Secant has been helping organizations navigate the increasingly daunting security landscape for decades. While a complete, holistic approach to cybersecurity is your best defense, we also understand it can be cost-prohibitive. To help breakdown a holistic approach and identify the areas your organization needs to prioritize, we’ve developed a menu of Cybersecurity Jumpstarts.

Cybersecurity Jumpstarts are pre-designed projects, focused on different areas of digital security. Our team of engineers run a series of evaluations and audits over a short amount of time, unique to each Jumpstart. The benefits our clients receive include gaining valuable insights, identifying risks, obtaining valuable recommendations, high level reporting, and a consultation with an experienced engineer.

Firewall Assessment

A firewall serves as the frontline of security to your network. Often, people think that once they have a firewall in place, they’re safe. A firewall should not be implemented with the set it and forget it approach.

Our team identifies and reviews configurations and features specific to your firewall. Following a thorough analysis, we compile a report with recommendations to make sure your security appliance is efficiently protecting your network.

Phishing Assessment

Why do cyber criminals use phishing as their go-to method of hacking? Because it works. Phishing is the #1 cause of data breaches worldwide.

Our Phishing Assessment is a two-part approach. Our team reviews your current email system and filtering configuration. We also run phishing simulations to help educate your team on the potential risks.

In conclusion, our report shares the results of the simulation and discusses proper phishing management that may include ongoing training, advanced endpoint security, and other solutions.

Office 365 Checkup

Office 365The Secant Office 365 Checkup is an overall health check of your organization’s Office 365 environment. We evaluate your environment against latest best practices for licensing, security, and compliance. Microsoft has simplified much of the complexity of enterprise email, Office, and collaboration, however that simplicity creates a one-size-fits-all baseline installation that may not meet the security posture of each organization. Evaluating that security posture can be very complex and is where Secant can add tremendous value, making sure Office 365 meets the rest of the security requirements of your organization.

Vulnerability Assessment

Our full-featured security assessment for organizations is our Security Technology Assessment Profile, or Security TAP. It’s a project engagement that includes a comprehensive review of the various layers of security and professional network scans.

We also offer a simplified version called our Vulnerability Assessment. While its evaluations and reporting don’t run as deep as our Security TAP, organizations still benefit from our reporting and recommendations provided. The results from our series of scans will help you determine if your organization has a grasp on its security landscape or if there are areas that need more focused attention.

Windows Systems Hardening

By hardening your Windows systems, you’ll reduce its vulnerabilities making it a more secure environment. Over time, organizations develop multiple unnecessary services, executables, and registry entries that can open your network up to risks.

Our hardening approach evaluates your current system and then implements recommended hardening measures that may include Windows Firewall, password solutions, macros, and gateways into your network. We also provide detailed documentation, identifying each recommended change.

Network Diagramming

Network diagramming can be an eye-opening evaluation. Having an accurate network diagram is critical when responding to a cybersecurity incident. Reviewing network diagrams can quickly help identify areas that may be in need of attention. Common problems include outdated devices and software, lack of network segmentation, and lack of security controls.

Our engineers will review your existing network diagram if it’s available or determine if a new one is needed. From there, we’ll review your current infrastructure and update the documentation to accurately reflect the network configuration.

Backup Assessment

The operation and survival of your business is dependent on computerized systems and the data stored on these systems. Imagine the impact should a failure render one critical file unreadable or worse, an entire server’s data. Studies show that 80% of organizations have inadequate backups and are not safe from data loss.

Evaluating backup systems and configuration is vital to ensuring your organization can effectively recover from a cybersecurity incident. Our Backup Assessment will analyze your overall backup and recovery strategy to identify gaps and provide recommended changes.

VMWare + Veeam Upgrade

VMware and Veeam are solid solutions in cloud computing and data backup that many of our clients use. But are you using them effectively or are you one of the 80% that may be at risk if a disaster occurs?

Our team will review your VMware environment and upgrade VMware ESXi, VMware vCenter Server, and Veeam to the latest recommended version.

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