An innovative software solution for attorneys and law firms.

Secant understands an attorney’s technology needs are unique. We have developed a solution, integrating industry-leading vendors Litéra and OpenText, that allow lawyers and law firms to conduct business in an efficient and secure fashion. Whether you’re in the office or on the road, you’ll have instant access and control of your documents.

Imagine sharing a document with opposing counsel and maintaining control over how long the document is available. Changes to text, embedded images, and spreadsheet formulas will be presented to you for easy identification. You will also mitigate risk by having metadata such as information about the author or contributors, automatically removed before emailing. All of this from virtually any device.

The SecantLaw suite of products includes tools specifically designed to facilitate the creation and standardization of the documents created by law firms on a daily basis. Templates are created and customized to best fit the disciplines served by your firm. New documents are then created by simply adding the appropriate specifics for the case or contract.



Litéra is the innovative leader in content lifecycle management, offering a comprehensive solution set that enables the document control firms want – without sacrificing the mobility and productivity they need. In the process, content creation and production becomes more efficient, saving an organization time and money. (Lité

OpenText is the leader in enterprise information management (EIM). EIM products enable businesses to grow faster, lower operational costs, and reduce information governance and security risks by improving business insight, impact and process speed. (

Secant Technologies

For over three decades, Secant has been a provider of IT solutions. Our team of experienced professionals design and deploy technology for organizations of all sizes. Through our partner-centric approach, we help organizations strategically evolve their use of technology to improve process, solve complex problems, and leverage cloud strategies to grow their business.


Reduce time required to create and review documents


Control what information is shared, to who, and for how long


Minimize requirements of IT resources


No extensive training required


Work from your PC, tablet, or phone


Documents are stored in our HIPAA/SAE 16 compliant data center


Easy to make changes to benefit all users

Product Specifics




Total Document Comparison (TDC) compares everything in a document: OCR, Word, Excel & PowerPoint. Eliminate manual comparison and version creation with confidence that all changes have been found, ensuring content quality.


Start populating documents immediately without having to comb through and remove the content of the previous version. Easily create custom templates without writing a single line of code and share data and templates locally or globally.


Do you send emails with attachments from mobile devices? With Metadact-e, you can have confidence that all emails/attachments are automatically scrubbed of potentially harmful metadata, regardless of the sending device.


CitationWare allows you to identity and format a table of authorites (TOA) for complex legal briefs in seconds. Oneclick TOA creation eliminates hours of manual processes while avoiding costly inaccuracies.


LexPro® simplifies the use of defined terms and cross-referencing in legal documents. As a simple Word add-in, it eliminates hours of manual review and reduces inaccuracies.


The PDF editor with all the features legal professionals need – and none that you don’t. Quickly create, open and edit even the largest PDF documents. LDF also reduces risk by giving you the control to limit users from printing, copying or pasting text and graphics. (optional add-on)



ApplicationXtender is a content management solution that scans, stores, retrieves, and preserves information, while providing role-based access from nearly any device or web browser. It can be easily deployed to provide document capture and retention management capabilities as well as seamless integration with Microsoft Office Applications. With an easy to manage footprint, ApplicationXtender is an ideal solution for nearly any business process.

Whether you’re working in your office or on the go, Office 365 delivers a top-of-the-line set of productivity tools. Office applications — always the latest versions — let you create, edit, and share from your PC/Mac or your iOS, Android, or Windows device with anyone in real time.

Secant Technologies



Secant is a leader in designing, implementing and supporting virtual server and desktop environments for businesses of all sizes. We have years of experience in implementing virtualization and currently supports over 400 clients in Michigan. We deploy solutions that leverage virtualization technology including servers, storage, networking, desktops and applications.


  • Microsoft Exchange or SmarterMail
  • Email Defender anti-spam services
  • Optional email archiving and encryption
  • Collaboration services with Skype for Business

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