Go from reactive to proactive with network performance monitoring.

Technology seems to fail at the worst possible time. If your server or internet connection goes down after-hours, when will you find out about it? Even small problems with any part of your network can bring your organization to a virtual halt. Reliability, high availability, and uptime are no longer a luxury for today’s networks, but a requirement.

Fighting fires after something goes wrong is time consuming and costly. The first step in proactively managing a network is continuous monitoring of critical devices and performance areas.

Secant’s NetStats, powered by Auvik, is a remote monitoring service that provides visibility into the health of your network while helping to prevent catastrophic events.

Imagine driving a car without the dashboard. Are you doing the same with your network? The NetStats portal provides private, easy access to performance trends, graphics, and data about important network functions.

Compelling Benefits of NetStats

Automated Mapping
See a complete map of physical and logical topologies in minutes.

Network Documentation
Instantly know how everything on your network is connected.

Password Management
Never again forget device credentials or leave them vulnerable.

Alerts & Notifications
Stay on top of important network events with both preconfigured and customizable alerting.

Two-Factor Authentication
NetStats relies upon two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access.

Configuration Management
Compare — Know exactly how devices are configured and when they change. Never miss a backup.
Restore — Instantly bring back any configuration from the version history.
Analysis — Get suggestions for improving the performance and stability of your client networks.

In-App Terminal
Securely access any Telnet or SSH-enabled device on a network—from anywhere.

Remote Browser
Log into any device’s web interface directly from the dashboard.

Real-time and Historical Reporting
Generate reports for all collected network data on monitored devices in an easy to read format.

Config Backup
Automatically back up configurations files for your routers and switches and receive alerts when configs have been changed.

Wireless Device Monitoring
Maintain visibility into wireless access points and their connected clients and sessions.

Traffic Analysis*
Provide visibility into network traffic patterns and usage. Drill down into applications, conversations, and devices to identify the source of spikes and bursts, allowing you to take corrective actions.

*Additional fee

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