ServerCare | our team of certified engineers can proactively manage your servers

Server protection that’s proactive, affordable and worry free.

Your server goes down at 3 am – now what? Will your employees be productive when they arrive or will they have to resort to pen and paper waiting for the server to be fixed?

Imagine a “virtual” employee who works around the clock every day of the year, whose training is ahead of the curve with expertise and certifications in all areas of IT infrastructure management.

That’s exactly what you get with ServerCare. Remote Server Administration. Utilizing an agent installed on your server, our team of certified engineers proactively manage your servers, providing you:

  • Predictable, fixed costs
  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved performance

ServerCare Benefits

Monitoring and Reporting
It all starts here, by going from reactive to proactive! Secant’s state-of-the-art, 24x7x365 monitoring tools enable us to not only spot problems but also trends, before they turn into problems. We will also provide detailed and summary performance reports on a monthly basis.

Failure Detection
Many network failures give telltale signs of problems long before they occur. Routine hardware checks with advanced management tools are performed to detect failure or pending failure of critical devices. This helps to avoid or prevent costly downtime.

Proactive Remediation
With our advanced monitoring and management systems, our certified engineers are immediately alerted when a problem arises. They will analyze and work to remotely resolve the issue, providing a more rapid response.

Virus Definitions Management
Anti-virus checks are run routinely and virus definitions are updated regularly to safeguard your network environment from intrusions, threats and exploits.

Microsoft and Third Party Patch Management
We will monitor and strategically deploy critical security updates and patches to Microsoft Server, Microsoft Office, Exchange, SQL plus many popular third party applications such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Java, Adobe Acrobat/Reader, Flash and more.

Asset Collection
ServerCare provides a fast, accurate, and up to date audit and discovery of your server hardware and software. This inventory will assist in licensing compliance and budget planning.

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