SiteCARE 360°


A 24x7x365 super hero for your network, servers and computers.

Imagine an employee who works 24x7x365, never takes a sick day or even a break, plus has expertise in all areas of IT management.
SiteCARE 360°, a comprehensive, managed service for your total network, servers and computers, gives you just that!

We help you manage your IT cost by leveraging best practices to safeguard your technology. We deliver the right tools, processes, and proactive expertise to give you the peace of mind to focus on your business not your technology!

24x7x365 Network Device Performance and Predictive Failure Monitoring

By utilizing Secant’s state-of-the-art monitoring tools to detect telltale signs of hardware failure, we take you from reactive to proactive by catching problems before they occur. All of your critical components such as network firewalls, routers, switches, UPSs, printers, servers and workstations will be monitored 24x7x365. Our Service Desk tracks both availability and performance of your devices with “real-time” performance alerts.

Data Backup Monitoring

Secant will monitor your existing enterprise server data backup solution and review backup reports to ensure this critical backup is functioning regularly and as intended.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Management

Anti-virus/anti-malware solutions will be provided, monitored and managed with daily scans and definitions updated regularly to safeguard your network environment from intrusions, threats and exploits.

Microsoft and Third-Party Patch Management

We will monitor and strategically deploy critical security updates and patches to Microsoft Server and client operating systems, Microsoft Office, Exchange, SQL plus many popular third party applications such as – Google Chrome, Firefox, Java, Adobe Acrobat/Reader, Flash and more.

Ongoing System Maintenance

SiteCARE 360° also covers those time consuming but necessary basic maintenance tasks including spyware/virus scans and removal, deletion of temporary files and internet debris plus defragmentation of hard drives.

Asset Collection and Executive Reports

SiteCARE 360° provides a fast, accurate and up to date audit and discovery of your hardware plus software. You will always have access to the latest information about all of your computers, licensing and more. We will provide both detailed and summary reports monthly. You can also view and generate “On-Demand Reports” any time you wish through the SiteCARE 360° portal.

Virtual CIO Services

Through the use of Quarterly Business Reviews, your ‘Virtual CIO’ will review and advise on topics such as network performance, uptime and budget with the ultimate goal of empowering you to make the most informed decisions around your company’s technology and  business objectives.

Remote Plus Onsite Remediation*

With our advanced monitoring and management systems, our certified engineers are immediately alerted when a problem arises. We begin working almost instantly to remotely resolve the issue, providing a more rapid solution. If an onsite visit is warranted, we’ll be on our way!

System Administration and Service Requests

We free up your time by taking care of tasks like: resetting passwords, folder creations and permissions, creating or removing users, adding printers, minor software updates and more.

Vendor Management

Realizing you may have numerous service providers for elements of your IT environment, Secant provides you a single point of contact to support your entire network and acts on your behalf to resolve issues with third-party vendors such as voice/telco, ISPs, and critical business application providers.

SiteCARE 360° services are delivered by our professional, industry-certified staff of over 80, which are backed by our unmatched 30+ years of trusted, local IT expertise. Secant can deliver all of this at an affordable, all-inclusive monthly fee.

* Avaliable with optional onsite uplift.

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