Secant Spotlight

Secant provides a wide variety of technology services for organizations of all sizes. Here, we highlight success stories and IT solutions that we have provided for our clients. Reach out to our experienced team to discuss customized solutions to fit your needs.

Cybersecurity Event
What Business Leaders Need to Know About Cybersecurity
This seminar will help you cut through the confusing information you’ve heard and read about cybersecurity.
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Emails Attempting Blackmail
Emails Attempting Blackmail
A new wave of emails attempting blackmail have been inappropriate in nature. Know what to look, how to stay protected.
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Now Hiring
Network Technician L2
The primary duties of this individual as Network Technician L2 will be responsibility for technical support of Secant’s customer operations
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Secant Data Center and Managed Services division to join forces with Data Realty
Secant is excited to announce our decision to join the Data Realty family of companies.
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Office 365 Risks
This executive lost $40,000 while on an international business flight.
Office 365 risks you need to know about.
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School Lab
High-Capacity Firewall
With over 12,000 students using the internet, reliable and protected access is critical.
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Secant and SVT
SVT & AE Tech Design
SVT acquires Building Services division of Secant. Technology Design and Consulting division to launch as AE Tech Design.
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Jim isn't happy about his lack of patch management
Patch Management
Patch updates pending for months or years can lead to significant security breaches for your organization.
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Secant engineers monitor 24x7x365
Does your organization operate on borrowed time?
Like smartphones and water heaters, servers have an optimal life expectancy before you’re operating on borrowed time.
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