Technology Assessment Profile (TAP)


A comprehensive computer network review.

What is TAP?

TAP is a comprehensive review across your organization’s computer network; from hardware to e-commerce. TAP is designed to provide a complete inventory of your computer technology investment and a measurement against industry “best practices.” This invaluable tool can be used as a logical guide for discussion and discovery, providing a framework for developing prioritized solutions for your organization’s current and future technology needs.

Who can benefit from TAP?

Today, many organizations with and without significant IT resources are generally under networked or are experiencing network growing pains. TAP is designed to identify and address these issues.

TAP Interview Process

The TAP process consists of an initial interview process between a Secant engineer and your owner/manager and/or IT advisor/staff. The Secant engineer documents many aspects of the IT infrastructure including the following; structured cabling, network switching, router and firewall, server environment including Windows, Novell and Linux servers, PC and Mac workstations, as well as network printers. Once the environment is documented, a thorough analysis of these IT-related areas is performed utilizing various software tools. After the onsite portion of the TAP is completed, an external audit of the firewall and internet-related areas is performed.

TAP Executive Summary

After the interviews are completed and all key information is gathered, your Secant Senior Engineer will spend a significant amount of time off-site reviewing your business’s entire IT operation and developing your TAP Executive Summary. This Summary will include documentation of your computer network environment, immediate and long-term priorities as well as technology strategy recommendations. You will be able to use this invaluable tool to begin planning your IT strategy to meet your organization’s goals and objectives.

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