Emails Attempting Blackmail

Why do cyber criminals use phishing as their go-to method of hacking? Because it works.

Our Service Desk has seen an increase in the amount of emails attempting to blackmail clients. This latest wave of threatening emails has been inappropriate in nature. Know what to look for and what to do to stay protected.

What To Look For

The threatening emails commonly accuse the recipient of visiting adult websites. While vague language regarding key loggers, browser history, and contact extraction has been seen, almost all of these emails present a password of the recipient’s – old or current – as a form of proof that they know who you are.

Digital Security Tips

  • Review activity on any accounts that contain sensitive information.
  • Use complex passwords and change your passwords frequently.
  • Don’t repeat the same passwords for different online accounts you may have.
  • Hover over links before clicking to make sure you’re heading to the URL you’re wanting to go. (More about phishing safety)
  • Have I Been Pwned? offers useful resources for end users and security professionals pertaining to data breaches.

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