Managed Network Services


When something goes wrong with your network, Secant makes it right.

You don’t think about your network… until it doesn’t work. When the network is down, your entire organization grinds to a halt. No access to email, internet or applications. Often, not even your phones will work.

What is wrong? It could be a number of issues. Dead switch, hacking attack, power failure, network traffic? Who do you turn to and how fast can they respond? And what will it cost to be back up and running?

These are headaches that you can’t afford to deal with on your own. Stop worrying and let Secant provide the maintenance and repair for your entire network with our Managed Network Services.

Secant will design the network solution that best fits your organization’s needs. Our certified engineers and technicians will install your custom network and perform all on-going support. This includes monitoring your network 24x7x365 and quickly responding to any outages.

From connectivity and power to firewalls and switches, Secant has the solution to keep your operation moving forward.

What is included:

  • Design and installation of network
  • Backup of equipment configurations
  • Monitoring, alerting and reporting of network health and performance
  • Security updates and patches to network firmware
  • Configuration updates
  • Troubleshooting of network issues

What can be included:

  • Network switches
  • Firewalls/security appliances
  • Wireless access points – both secure employee access and guest/open WiFi
  • Internet connectivity
  • Managed battery backup including replacement of UPS batteries
  • Replacement of defective equipment
  • Temperature, humidity, and leak monitoring

Managed Network Services vs Full-Time Employees

Secant’s certified and experienced team of engineers and technicians is a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee. Let us manage your network so you can focus on what your organization does best!

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