Security Technology Assessment Profile


A comprehensive review of your organization’s layers of IT security.

Systems at Risk

Security is essential to building trust. Unfortunately, many systems and networks are not as secure as they should be. We are inundated with news of security breaches, ransomware, network vulnerabilities, and patches. It is easy to become engulfed by this fast-paced world of information security. Organizations must consider sensitive information such as financial data, health information, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and more. They also must deal judiciously with security risks to ensure compliance and reduce business risks. Does your organization have a handle on security risks?

Getting Back On Track

Let Secant help. Secant has developed a full-featured security assessment – the Security Technology Assessment Profile – utilizing over 35 years of IT experience. The Security TAP is a project engagement that includes a comprehensive review of the various layers of security and professional network scans. The results are compiled into an in-depth report that includes an executive summary with clear recommendations, scoring, best practice details, and attached detailed reports. The findings and recommendations are presented and reviewed in a meeting with stakeholders.


  • Security TAP report with custom best practice recommendations and scoring plus separate attachments including internal and external vulnerability scan reports
  • Review meeting with stakeholders and Secant team
  • Spreadsheet to track remediation efforts


  • Copies of policies related to IT
  • List of all static IP addresses for servers and network device equipment
  • Administrative credentials to servers and network equipment
  • Remote access to the network
  • Availability of one or more staff persons to provide information during the project
  • Availability of three non-IT staff for separate 15-minute interviews during the project


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